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Triple Blessing Candles

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My life is filled with unlimited prosperity. I am released from the beliefs and attitudes that block me from my desired Abundance.

The Dreams of night and the Dreams of day fill me with inspiration. I nurture them and know that it is within my power to make them come true.

I release any events in this lifetime and those past that block me from Good Karma. I forgive all events that have disappointed me and have learned their lessons

I bless my mate with understanding, warmth and everlasting love. I choose you as my lifelong partner. May we live together with peace, wisdom, respect and desire.

I bless myself as I hold a vision of my body in its perfection. I call upon the green ray to dissipate all areas of disharmony and bring healing to me now.

I light these candles inviting peace and abundance into this sacred space. I am open and willing to receive these gifts and I bless all who cross my threshold with this love.

The powers of passion and play fill my night with joyful bliss. I am released to experience this love

The power of a Miracle lies within my heart. I open to the powers of thought to manifest this Miracle in my life.

I bless this baby to be filled with my unending love. From the center of my heart, I nurture, guide and teach this child and wish the best upon this new innocent soul.

Clear out the past hurts of your relationship to start anew. Infuse your interactions with understanding and tolerance. Change past conflict into points of agreement.
Ten titles from which to choose. Long Lasting 4.5" H x 4" Diameter Pillar. Each candle features a printed blessing. $16.00 each


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