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Price: $7.00

Andromeda: Ultimate UFO Series
The Andromedans contacted a former physicist in Mexico in the 1970s, but the information was lost with the death of the scientist. Now the same Andromedans who contacted the Mexican professor share this information through channel Robert Shapiro, including an ET process that enables humans to fly a jet plane to Mars and create a habitat to live in upon arrival. Fascinating!
Price: $16.95

ANGEL BLESSINGS CARDS: Kit includes Cards Of Sacred Guidance & Inspiration and Booklet
(from back of package)
This updated and revised edition of Reverend Kimberly Marooney's acclaimed Angel Blessings kit makes it easier than ever for you to build a stronger and more prosperous connection with the angelic kingdom, and to draw from the angels' strength in your times of struggle.
Find hope! Phanuel, the angel of hope, will never leave your side.Get answers! Zadkiel, the angel of prayer, will teach you how to pray so your prayers will be answered. Regain trust! Ussiel, the angel of faith, will cast away your doubts and help you enter a state of knowing. Discover love! Ooniemme, the angel of gratitude, will help you use faith and humility to open your heart to love.
Price: $19.99

Angel Confetti, Gold
Price: $2.25

Angel Confetti, Silver
Price: $2.25

(from the publisher) Gemstones are powerful tools which guide you toward personal understanding. The colors and shapes of the stones bring you messages to motivate and heal you in many ways. This deck of 44 oracle cards by Margaret Ann Lembo in collaboration with Victoria Rose Martin will familiarize you with 44 gemstones. They will bring you messages to increase your awareness. The messages on one side give you a reading. The angel associated with the gemstone on the other side of the card provides you with a positive affirmation to help you transform your reality. You'll learn to give accurate Angel Gemstone Oracle readings for yourself and others as you use these cards regularly.
Price: $16.00

Angel Magic: A Hands-On Guide to Inviting Divine Help Into Your Everyday Life
Cassandra Eason
(from the publisher)
Internationally recognized angel expert Cassandra Eason shows how to attract harmony, healing, protection, inspiration, and other forms of divine energy into your everyday life. Eason's simple, quick techniques for angelic communication--including three-minute meditations, blessings, power naps, and even text messages--are all designed to fit your busy lifestyle. In just minutes, you can call on specific angels for help with everything from ordinary issues to to life-threatening emergencies--and request angelic assistance in matters of love, health, money, and career. This uplifting guide features a directory of 250 angels and reveals the many ways in which angels support and assist us. It tells how to recognize the presence of angels and shares techniques for communication using pendulums, chakras, automatic writing, altars, crystals, meditation, and angel cards. You'll also find true, moving stories of how these celestial beings have touched people's lives.
Price: $16.95

Angel Medicine: How to Heal the Body & Mind, with Help from The Angels
Virtue, Doreen
Price: $14.95

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