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by Norman Cousins
Price: $13.95

Anchi Crystals 6 oz Buddha
(from ANCHI )
As remarkable as it may seem, it is possible to have this blessing every day. ANCHI Crystals were used to collect the powerful energetic essence around Buddhist relics on the Maitreya Project Heart Tour. The relics are formed as part of the cremation process and are "pearl-like crystals" sometimes found in the ashes of spiritual masters.
Buddhists do not worship statues or religious artifacts. According to Buddhist traditions, sacred objects such as those on tour are used as an inspiration to create positive universal values common to all humanitarian and spiritual traditions.
The ANCHI Field supports chakra balancing, meridian, flows, and optimizing bio-fields which are important to many Buddhist disciplines. The Eastern cultures have recognized the importance of these factors for thousands of years. They play an important role in our physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. Masters of all cultures knew that balancing the chakras was the essential first step into connecting ourselves to the Greater Whole and the manifestation process. The enhancing attributes occur naturally when holding a pouch or placing it on the body before sleep.
The entire original ANCHI Field is intact and providing all of the benefits of ANCHI Crystals. The addition of the Buddhist field adds a second layer. The combination of the primary ANCHI Field with the secondary field with the centered peaceful energy of Buddhists masters is a very unique tool for meditative practices and altars.
Price: $59.00

Anchi Crystals 6 oz Celestial
(from ANCHI )
In today's world we are all seeking ways to support healthy lifestyles and address personal issues. We may suffer from lack of healthy sleep, pains, or a general lack of balanced energy.
ANCHI Crystals combine ancient wisdom with 21st century applications.
Formed over 1.6 billion years ago, ANCHI Crystals are found only one place in the world. The fields, or geo-imprint around this amazing natural resource often aids in pain relief, healthy sleep and maintaining balanced energy. They are also an important support tool for meditation, yoga and practitioners of Spiritual Laws, including the Law of Attraction.
Price: $59.00

Price: $25.00

Price: $7.00

Andromeda: Ultimate UFO Series
The Andromedans contacted a former physicist in Mexico in the 1970s, but the information was lost with the death of the scientist. Now the same Andromedans who contacted the Mexican professor share this information through channel Robert Shapiro, including an ET process that enables humans to fly a jet plane to Mars and create a habitat to live in upon arrival. Fascinating!
Price: $16.95

ANGEL BLESSINGS CARDS: Kit includes Cards Of Sacred Guidance & Inspiration and Booklet
(from back of package)
This updated and revised edition of Reverend Kimberly Marooney's acclaimed Angel Blessings kit makes it easier than ever for you to build a stronger and more prosperous connection with the angelic kingdom, and to draw from the angels' strength in your times of struggle.
Find hope! Phanuel, the angel of hope, will never leave your side.Get answers! Zadkiel, the angel of prayer, will teach you how to pray so your prayers will be answered. Regain trust! Ussiel, the angel of faith, will cast away your doubts and help you enter a state of knowing. Discover love! Ooniemme, the angel of gratitude, will help you use faith and humility to open your heart to love.
Price: $19.99

Angel Confetti, Gold
Price: $2.25

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