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Adjustable Cord
Price: $3.00

Advanced Aromatherapy: The Science of Essential Oil TherapyKurt, Schnaubelt
Advanced Aromatherapy: The Science of Essential Oil Therapy
Kurt, Schnaubelt
Turning the art of aromatherapy into good medicine for the next century, this book, written by a chemist and aromatherapy practitioner, draws on the most recent research to demonstrate how essential oils work on the cells and microbes of the body. 75 illustrations.
Price: $16.95

ADVANCED CHAKRA HEALING: Cancer--The Four Pathways Approach to Shift Healing
Cyndi Dale
(from the publisher)
In ADVANCED CHAKRA HEALING: CANCER, best-selling author Cyndi Dale introduces her revolutionary Four Pathways chakric method and goes where no alternative healer has gone before. Using the chakras, the points of light energy in our bodies that act as doors to different layers of awareness, she describes how to approach cancer through material, supernatural, magical, and love pathways. Followed one at a time or all at once, these pathways offer an alternative to a solely physical application of traditional Western medicine.
In this book about shifting the way we think about and live with illness, Cyndi Dale presents an entirely new process of healing by embracing wholeness.
Price: $17.95

ADVANCED CHAKRA HEALING: Heart Disease - The Four Pathways Approach
Cyndi Dale
(from the publisher)
Visionary chakra healer Cyndi Dale presents a new approach to heart disease, treating it as an opportunity to love the ailing heart and to allow the heart to love. Using her revolutionary Four Pathways method, she explains how to intuitively activate the chakras to heal cardiac illness. Patients and their loved ones will learn how to tap into their own energetic powers to chart a course toward health and wholeness.
Price: $17.95

Advanced Thetahealing: Harnessing the Power of All That Is
Vianna Stibal
(from the publisher) In her first book," " Vianna Stibal, the creator of "ThetaHealing, " introduced this amazing technique to the world. Based on thousands of sessions with clients who have experienced remarkable healings with Vianna, this comprehensive follow-up is an in-depth exploration of the work and processes central to ThetaHealing.
As you read, you will learn about Feeling, Belief, and Digging Work; and also be given information on the 7 Planes of Existence, which allow you to connect to the highest level of love and energy of All That IS. "This is advanced energy healing that will enable you to enhance your life physically, emotionally, and spiritually!"
Price: $16.95

Adventures in the Supernormal
Garrett, Eileen J.
As an anniversary tribute, Eileen Garrett's early autobiography Adventures in the Supernormal has been published in its entirety, with the addition of remembrances from those who actually knew this complex and utterly fascinating individual. The renowned medium, author and entrepreneur recounts how her powerful psychical gifts steered the course of her life and touched the lives of many others, both famous and obscure. First published in 1949, this latest edition of Adventures in the Supernormal is newly reprinted with never-before-seen photos. Also included is a short biographical essay about her life after Adventures and a selected bibliography of works by and about Garrett.
Price: $26.00

African Tarot Deck: Journey Into the Self
by Marina Romito
Price: $15.00

After the Storm
Peg Davis
Price: $16.50

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