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Price: $12.00

CD Prophet, The - Read by Paul Sparer
Price: $19.95

CD Protection Workshop, An Everyday Guide to Developing Psychic Protection
Price: $15.95

CD River of Light: Getting Free of Stress
Price: $14.98

CD Sexual Healing: A Meditation CD by David Elliott
Price: $15.00

CD Song of the Tree
CD Song of the Tree
Lis Addison
"The Song of the Tree" debuted at #2 on the NAR Charts and is being played Nationally and Internationally. The music is a beautiful and soothing array of Composer & Vocalist Lis Addison's unique Vocal Chakra Healing Tones (VoCHeTTM), Ambient Music and Grooves. Each track represents a different Chakra and are designed to activate the Chakras. The lower Chakra Tones have an indigenous quality while the upper tones a transcendent one. "The Song of the Tree" is Ideal for Yoga, Dance, Meditation, Healing, Massage and Vocalizing. An instructional booklet is included that details each vocal pattern.
Price: $17.99

CD Total Tranquillity (Music to Promote Tranquillity & Peace)
Price: $15.95

CD Walking Meditation (Brain Sync)
Price: $14.95

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