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Chakra Awakening: Transform Your Reality Using Crystals, Color, Aromatherapy & the Power of Positive Thought Lembo, Margaret Ann
It is possible to design your own reality and live each day with prosperity, joy, and complete health. With gemstones, crystals, and the power of focused intent, you can transform your life using the amazing energy within—the chakras. Drawing on ancient spiritual wisdom and the law of attraction, this practical guide shows you how to activate and balance the seven main chakras—energy centers in the body that influence everything from migraines and fertility to creative expression and intuition. Perform simple techniques using gems, crystals, colors, essential oils, and other effective tools to foster healing and create positive change for your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Chakra Awakening includes color photos of more than seventy gemstones, plus step-by-step exercises to help you bring true balance to every facet of your life. —Identify areas that may need adjustment —Clear negative energy —Align each of your chakras —Create sacred space with sound and herbs Praise:
Price: $19.95

Code, The: Use the Laws of Manifestation to Achieve Your Highest Good
Burroughs, Tony
Price: $14.95

Crystal Children (The): A Guide to the Newest Generation of Psychic and Sensitive Children
Price: $7.00

CRYSTAL THERAPY: How to Heal and Empower Your Life with Crystal Energy
Price: $12.95

Price: $16.95

Shumsky, Susan
Susan G. Shumsky, author of this revolutionary, unique look at the chakra system, has delved deeply into ancient literature to uncover the hidden mysteries of the ages. Until now, much of this wisdom has been locked in secret hiding places in the forests and caves of India and Tibet. Exploring Chakras uncovers these new understandings about the subtle energy field. Kundalini shakti is a mysterious, dormant, potent force within the body that, when awakened, can bring spiritual enlightenment. Exploring Chakras provides easy, step-by-step methods to help you begin to gently awaken your kundalini energy in a safe, reliable, and systematic way. These meditations, yoga postures, and yoga breathing methods are traditional, reliable, field-proven practices. By reading this valuable book, you will: -- Discover your subtle body and energy field. -- Learn about prana and how it functions in your body, mind, and spirit. -- Gain understanding of kundalini energy and the chakra system. -- Learn to heal blockages in your subtle body. -- Learn to maintain health of your energy field.
Price: $15.99

Extra-dimensional Universe: Where The Paranormal Becomes Normal
Violette, John
"Extra-Dimensional Universe" explains the science of events such as UFOs and abductions, mystical and psychic phenomena, and the near-death experience--events that shouldn't exist in a 3-D world, but which happen everyday. Annotation: "Extra-Dimensional Universe" explains the science of events such as UFOs and abductions, mystical and psychic phenomena, and the near-death experience--events that shouldn't exist in a 3-D world, but which happen everyday.
Price: $14.95

Geomancy for Beginners: Simple Techniques for Earth Divination Webster, Richard
Geomancy, a three-thousand-year-old form of earth divination, can answer your questions about relationships, career, money, and all aspects of life. In this comprehensive, easy-to-follow introduction to the topic, bestselling author Richard Webster presents eight different methods you can try, from astrological geomancy to Arthurian divination to a version attributed to Napoleon. Each method is based on making a random number of marks, then interpreting the message based on the resulting pattern. Geomancy for Beginners also includes simple instructions on how to craft your own geomantic tools. With Webster’s sample readings and diagrams, it’s easy to begin practicing this age-old form of divination to receive guidance and insight.
Price: $14.95

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