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Please use the play control bar below to hear a sample of Spirit of Yellowhouse Canyon, available at The Odyssey. This beautiful CD is by Rita Box Peek, an exceptionally talented local artist.


2012 The Odyssey

Sharron Rose &
Jay Weidner...

All Is Made Beautiful

Oh Shinnah Fast Wolf

A.M. and P.M. Yoga
for Beginners

Rodney Yee and
Patricia Walden

Crystal Use and Awareness

Sedona Media

Earth Energy:
Places of
Peace & Power

Sedona Media

10-Minute Stress Manager

by Emmett Miller

Song of the Tree

Lis Addison

Stress Reduction &
Creative Meditations

by Marc Allen
Spirit of Yellowhouse Canyon CD
Spirit of Yellowhouse Canyon

by Rita Box Peek

Mountain Stream

Sounds of the Earth

Natural Sounds Gold

Paradise Music

Ocean Surf


Rain in the Country

Sounds of the Earth

Thunderstorm in
the Wilderness


A Turkish Fantasy

by Gail Barber

Amor Immortalis

by Patrick Bernard

Andalusian Nights

by Govi

Angel Love

by Aeoliah
Angel Symphony of Love and Light by Merlin's Magic
Angel Symphony of Love and Light

by Merlin's Magic
Accelerating Learning by Steven Halpern
Accelerating Learning

by Steven Halpern

Attracting Prosperity

by Steven Halpern


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