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"Knowledge is the thoughtful application of experience."
Lou Diekemper, Founder of the Odyssey   
About Us - An Overview

Let us take a moment to introduce ourselves and our store.

We are committed to bringing a great diversity of excellent books, recordings and gifts to individuals who are journeying into new areas of awareness; seeking a better understanding of your lives, your experiences, and your relationships with others--indeed, seeking a deeper appreciation of the world both within and without. As a resource center, we intend to provide help, and we do not endorse or advocate any specific school of teaching.

Our books have been thoughtfully selected to provide a broad range of reading materials on spirituality, self-help and psychology, health and healing, family and personal relationships, and guidance in addressing contemporary problems. We also offer books in special-interest areas such as metaphysics, Native American writings, ancient civilizations, spiritual teachings and philosophy, body work and exercise, and esoteric thought.

We feature an extensive selection of recordings: music (compact discs), and spoken audio (books on CD, guided meditations, subliminal CDs, environmental sounds, etc.).

We also have a unique and unusual assortment of gifts (wind chimes, mineral and semiprecious gem specimens, Chinese health balls, incense, candles, smudge sticks, jewelry, bookmarks, worry stones, tabletop fountains, rune sets, calendars, feng shui items, oil burners, and many more).

Through the years we have used this symbol that we feel graphically expresses The Odyssey's philosophy:

Odyssey Symbol

...a triangle enclosing a circle, across which flows an open-ended line. This symbol holds a special meaning for us. The triangle (a primary and perfect geometric form, the Euclidean ideal of stability) represents that perfection for which body, mind, and spirit strive. Enclosed within the triangle is a circle--another perfect geometric form--representing our planet Earth held poised in balance by the curved line which represents our odyssey through life with its highs and lows, its endless possibilities--the journey toward fulfillment that beckons each and every one of us.

We are--each of us--in a state of ever-renewing change. It is our personal belief that items offered by The Odyssey can be potent catalysts for such change. Therefore, all of us would be happy to know that you have made us a part of your journey. Please don't hesitate to call us with questions about books, recordings, or other materials that you may be trying to find.

For assistance with special queries or information on books, recordings, or gifts, we ask that you call us at (806) 744-2459.

You may E-mail your orders to us: orders@calmjourney (please call us with your credit card number and any other information you'd rather not e-mail). For credit card orders by phone, please call our main number (806) 744-2459 Or FAX your orders to us at (806) 762-8453.

We'll be pleased to assist in every way that we can, and look forward to meeting you by e-mail, by regular mail, by phone, or in person.

Wishing you well on your own odyssey.

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