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"Knowledge is the thoughtful application of experience."
Lou Diekemper, Founder of the Odyssey   
About Us - An Overview

The name of The Odyssey book, gift and music store is really the story of my personal odyssey in the topics of spirituality, world religions, cultural traditions and traditional healing methods of different cultures. Choosing the name, The Odyssey, seemed appropriate.

My husband and I were fortunate to be able to travel to different countries with many of the trips giving me the opportunity to experience learning something of the above topics. If this were not the case, I would find an interpreter who was willing to take me to visit a local healer and then translate for me whenever possible. This allowed me informative experiences—some of which I would prefer not to experience again. I think at once of the Voodoo priest in Togo. Some of the different religious practices were explained of the Animists, Baha'i, Hindu, Voodoo, Muslim, Aboriginal, Buddhism, Curanderos, Native American, Spiritists, Christian, and variations of these. If there was an interpreter, the final question I would ask of each healer was, "where does your power come from?" It was very interesting to me that invariably each would point above.

Travel allowed me to learn so many new things as did attending the many workshops and classes that I have through-out my life. I feel that this has been life enriching for me as was the study involved in obtaining my Master's and Ph.D. degrees in Transpersonal Studies. This study is a blend of Western and Eastern spirituality.

The actual idea for The Odyssey developed when my husband and I were in Brazil visiting traditional healers with a small group of nine. While there the thought came to me that I should open a body, mind and spirit book and gift store in Lubbock to be located on Broadway. Upon returning to Lubbock, I began the research involved in doing this as well as visiting similar stores in the Dallas, Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Colorado Springs areas. A small house was purchased and an architect began the plans. After construction was completed, the original Odyssey opened in 1981. Lou, Founder of The Odyssey It remained in this location with its Santa Fean motif until its reopening in November 2010 in the north Kingsgate Shopping Center. A New Mexico atmosphere is present in the new location with merchandise for body, mind and spirit.

I believe each of us is on a personal odyssey of experiences through-out our lives by which we can grow and learn if we so choose. My husband and I chose a statement which we felt defines the purpose of The Odyssey for each individual.

Knowledge is the thoughtful application of experience.

Lou Diekemper


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